Prince Shepherd

In the culture of Hip Hop there are few who truly stuck to the craftsmanship of poetry. We have seen the industry evolve in ways one wouldn’t have imagined, but only a few were able to turn as it rotated off axle. Now that emcee would be none other than E.Prince a.k.a Prince Shepherd a now humbled top tier lyricist that has been sitting in a Neanderthal cave with a resume that spans over 25yrs. This Golden-age trained lyricist/Artist happens to be a sharp-witted and militant emcee on the mic. Many years of blinding contracts and the industry’s terrain has contributed to the emcee’s distaste for the music business. After trials of working with record companies and unfortunate investors the Songwriter called it quits in 2012. Fatherhood became Shepherd’s main focus and priority for the following years to come. This was the ultimate therapy for a writer who had loved the game so much that he had to let it go and let GOD lead his life in the right direction. From the dark stories of Shepherd’s dragged out label bidding wars with the likes of DreamWorks, Tommy Boy, Island Black (Def Jam), Warner Bros and many more became discouraging for the once soughed after lyricist. The final straw was the almost deal with Jamie Foxx’s Foxx City Records that fell through due to creative differences. As time moved forward, so did the emcee, who became a Business owner of a few local Barbershops that served him well after the pitfalls of the music industry. So Inside of one of his facilities he decided to occupy his upstairs by building a recording studio to now implement a music curriculum to work with all community High-schools in order to bring change for Young Black men. During the process of building this studio brought on an unexpected itch to make a return to the now materialistic industry. Shepherd proclaims “ I had a sit down with God and He told me” if you return you must glorify me and know that you are on assignment being used to spark change in MY SON’s name. That name was Jesus Christ himself who has impacted Shepherd’s life for the last 15years in more ways than he can explain. Now that we are in the present or most commonly phrased Millennial Generation Shepherd is ready to bellow the message of love, Hope and Faith to all musicians who believe that this new industry has no slopes. No matter the lay off or the change in the motion we once witnessed in the 90’s and 2000’s this emcee is still as sharp as the past era with a fountain of youth and God’s ordained message. So let’s show our gratitude and love and welcome back the prolific emcee Prince Shepherd…God’s PROPHET.